About Us

Double Confirm? Really?

Yes, no joke. Guarantee plus Chop. Double Confirm is a company for all your entertainment needs. We provide the software that goes into events, gigs and anything in between. If you have a stage, we provide the scripts, hosts, performers – whatever you need for a show tailored to your company’s needs. You could say we’re like a one-stop shop for entertainment. Like IKEA, but less furniture. Any questions? Faster guarantee the answer at chope@doubleconfirm.sg.

What do we do?

Double Confirm is here to complement all the other great theatre and entertainment companies in the industry. We are here to add our own voice to local theatre; put on our own musical revues, musicals and more; bring you fresh new stand-up comedy routines; emcee your events… We’re also all about developing new talent and establishing a platform for new, young artists to showcase their skills. Scriptwriters, performers – you name it, we have the connections to bring it to you.

Why leh?

We want to make the entertainment industry more vibrant and fun! As performers in Singapore are usually freelancers, we’re opening up new avenues for expression and for work. To top it off, we’re working with a whole new generation of talent. Take a look at a little sample of what they can do.

Hmm… got what else ah?

Directing, acting, hosting, scriptwriting, sing-song-talk-kok-lim-kopi all can.


No Buts! Drop us an email for enquiries and bookings!